Tuesday, June 03, 2014

getting ahead of the needs

When there is a big need , its nice to have company.  Once again we are thankful for the help of Possibilities International for helping us with this Dream.

We have had so many emergency needs these last few months .. it gets heart breaking at times, and we are so blessed by all of you who have helped out.    Some times it is nice to step out .. and be ahead of the needs for once .  Its called being "proactive" not just "reactive".. not just reacting to an emergency, but going out and changing lives and bringing HOPE to a situation ahead of the need . 

This summer , hundreds of kids will want to go to summer camp, but will not have the funds or the place to go.  But this summer hundreds of kids will find a way through Sergey and Anya and their friends.   They are preparing a mountain VBS camp for kids this summer.  One of the biggest needs that they have left to make this possible is to have mattresses and blankets for the kids .. The nights are cold in the mountains, and we will need space for 100 kids at a time .  $1700 for 100 mattresses and blankets .  Thats just $17 a bed for the whole summer ... and summers to come.  

If you would like to help with this need, we would be so greateful.  Any donations can be made toward this at the iam1ru.com site or follow this link http://www.iam1ru.com/DreamProjectDetail.aspx?id=669

We do need a bit of time to have Aigulla make the blankets and mattresses, so the sooner we can cover this dream the better , but I am confident that together we can do this because we>I .

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