Friday, June 20, 2014

Growing again .. Store of knowledge

Lots of running around getting the finishing touches on the third class room at the learning centre . Today they picked up the tracking for the curtains, and purchased  the carpet.  The chairs have been ordered and should be ready tomorrow .  This is so great to have this next class room ready for the summer.  Kamalla will be working here as soon as the room is ready. She is a great teacher and has so much to offer.  Along with tutoring the kids at Bacute this last year, she has also helped Bekah and Emma  with their University courses .   Those who have been on trips recently will also know her as my kitchen assistant, and will have had her as a translator.   Kamalla also takes the leed in many of the medical situations we are involved in .  She makes sure that people make it to appointments, and that the prices charged are fair.  We still face situations where people that don't know us will see us and think $$$, but with Kamalla there, they quickly realize that we are not to be taken advantage of.   We are so proud of her and what a great help she is to the work we do .    

Kamala and Bekah receiving recognition from the mayors office for the work that we do at the orphanages  

picking up the curtain tracking 

new carpet .. ready for the chairs 

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Rainbows said...

Congratulations Kamala! We are so proud of you :))
Keep up the great work! Sending lots of Love & Blessings~ Claire Ana & Roger