Thursday, June 05, 2014

Off to America

I would like to retell a storey  ..Its a happy storey and it remains a happy one !   Several years ago we were at the mens home when Larisa came to us and said that one of the workers there has a daughter that would like to meet with us .  When we got a moment we met with this lovely young girl and her mother .. As soon as the door closed, they began " Go ahead tell him what you would like " .. she looked at me with a quiet smile and said clearly " I would like a lap top for classes. "  Well the expression on Larisa and Gulzada's mom was priceless.. " NO not a laptop , you want an arm" she replied, " no but its a laptop I want" .. Up to this point I had not even realized that she was missing an arm.. she was so sure of he self.     She then showed me her arm that went to just above the elbow.   

I made a phone call and in only a few minutes we had an appointment to have an arm made for her.  A sponsor was found and a few weeks later she had her new arm..  When we went to pay for it, we were told that they had not realized it was us, and we have done so much for that hospital that they would not be charging for the arm .. The sponsors were contacted, and it was decided that Yes Gulzada would get her new laptop as well.   What an exciting thing.. not just her needs , but the desires of her heart.  

Yesterday Bekah met up with Gulzada.  She is now preparing to go on a work placement to the United States. She will be in Myrtle Beach area.  Bekah is helping her with things at that end , packing , clothes for the trip, how to get to the airport etc.  They have sold the cow and other possessions to , and we have given her a loan of $500 so that she can get her ticket and Visa.

This has the opportunity to be such a great experience for her.  If there are any of you that are in the Myrtle Beach area or will be traveling there this summer and would like to stop in to bless her , or to give her support if she needs it , please email me @ .. also I would love to give her a little extra emergency travel money before she goes.. if anyone feels lead to slip her a $20 or a $50 let me know and we can make that happen .

 The day after we put the new ceiling tiles up in the kitchen, the pipes broke upstairs and half of the tiles came down as the glue had not completely hardened .  Thank you Akyl and Nurs for coming over and re doing the tiles .. they look great.

The other little project Bekah is working on right now is for a young orphan boy from Osh that we heard about while we were there .  He was beaten because of his faith, and as a result he is suffering from seizures as well as some heart arrhythmia ..   The doctors there are at a loss as to what to do, so nothing is being done and things are getting worse.  We have made arrangements with an organization in Bishkek that has a team of neurologists coming to Bishkek next week .   Between them and the Childrens hospital.. one of the best hospitals in the country, we plan to get to the bottom of this next week.  We will have to get 2 return air tickets for he and his guardian, this will be $90 and we have friends in Bishkek that will drive him and look after him while he is there .   I would like to raise a total of $250 for this so we have a little money for tests and treatments as well .  I don't know a lot about seizures, but I do know the sooner we can get them under control the better .

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