Monday, June 23, 2014

A lot to give , and a lot to learn .

We got busy and away from internet, and I forgot to post this ..

We have two kids that we have helped out in the past ,  They are brother and sister , and they are in Bible collage in Moldova.
They contacted us to say that they have won  a contest for an incredible opportunity for them .  They are going to be spending the summer in Lebanon, living in tents and working with a missions team there .  The contest covers there flights and accommodations.

  The problem they have is that they do not have the proper cloths to spend the summer in a desert climate.  they have asked for a little help with this .. We would like to do one step better , and provide them with a little bit of MAD money for along the way .. not a lot, but I thing they should have something in there pockets when they travel.   We are looking to find $100 each for them for these needs.

It is an awesome thing when 2 kids from Kyrgyzstan can have the opportunity to travel on a missions trip... they will have a lot to give , and a lot to learn .

AXXXX with his bud's 

Nxxxxx is pumped and ready to go .. 

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