Monday, June 09, 2014

thanks Acel

a few weeks ago when we were in Narin , Acels sister made us a dish of potatoes and carrots that was incredible.. They had so much flavor and were so sweet .. For weeks we kept remembering the flavor.  Tonight we had company to the house to discuss what it was like returning from a missions trip.. sort of a debriefing .. The group was friends of ours that were in Haiti a month ago.  This would be a perfect opportunity to try out the new oven we made , and to try to recreate the potatoes from Narin.  
Acel was good enough to walk me through the process.. 
Pete is keeping an eye on the potatoes and smoked chicken 

We started with the shashlik , then while the potatoes were cooking each team member had an opportunity to share about their experience .   We even got to hear from family members about how the trip had impacted their family , even though they did not go themselves .

It was a great night .. We are so blessed to have so many like minded friends.  and yes my lesson in patience and trust paid off . I had to trust the process.. Cover the potatoes , reduce the heat and leave them for about 45 minutes .. they were awesome ... thanks Acel ..

These were the potatoes from Narin 

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