Tuesday, November 06, 2012

New mattresses to the hospital

Happy birthday Jengish .. we picked up this shirt in Espanola   the words say   "Get Lost"

Lots getting done .  One of the key things this trip for Andy was to see the new mattresses in the hospital .  He visited here in the spring and saw the conditions, and knew that he had to do something .  When he said that he wanted new mattresses for them,  it was a no brainier for us.  Aigoola makes THE BEST mattresses going .  Just looking at them you can see the quality .  She even makes them with about twice the amount of stuffing that the regular mattresses have .   The hospital staff were so happy and all the nurses came out to help carry them in .  The Dr was extra happy that Andy had come back to see her in person.  I think that ment as much to her as the mattresses did .  Over and over we see that it is about the connection  .. ;letting people know that they are appreciated.     

ready to put on the beds ..

We stopped out at the renovation to see how things are going .   the living room is almost finished.  you would never know it was the same place .   The bed room that they are in now still has some mold in it, but we don't want to stir things up until the rest is finished .  then once they are out of that room we will tackle it .  We are going to arrange a team of volunteers that are nationals to go in and do the work there .  The team from Millbrook left the money to buy the supplies to finish it, and with a local team doing the final work, it will go a long way in letting this mother know that she has a support network here , and not just a group of foreigners helping her.    

curtains ready to be hung at the renovation 

We have one other mother with children that we will likely be helping out soon.  She is part of Larisa's case load.  She has had an operation some time ago that we had helped with , then she and her husband got TB.  They have undergone treatment  and from what we understand they are doing much better .  Then our God son Samat . as a social worker was asked by the social services to help her.  He can , and will be ready as soon as she gets her children back out of the orphanage.   We received a call from her last week.  She has been told that she can have the children back as soon as she gets winter clothes for them, and has asked us to help.  Yesterday we went to the baby orphanage to talk to the staff there . We want to help, but at the same time, we need to make sure that the orphanage director is in agreement with this .  We trust her judgement, and if she is comfortable with this plan and thinks it is a good idea we will move forwards with helping .     They did say at the orphanage that the mother is very attentive and comes every day to visit her twin 1 1/2 year olds and her 3 year old.  
     Like the mother of two that we helped to renovate her home.  If we are able to get them set up, Samat and his organization will be able to commit to monthly  visits and food packages, as well as help with some electrical expenses.  As well when Larisa and Tanya are back, this family is on her watch list as well , so we have a good level of support for them .

   We should here more about this  later today and then we can make a plan .  We are scheduled to do some follow up visits with more of Larisa's people tomorrow,  we are planing   a rice drop for them similar to last falls..  

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