Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A couple times this month we had Colbassa !

We had a few meetings today.  The best one was a business meeting with Aiperie and her sister Aizadda. 
It has been over a month that they have been in business, and we wanted to make sure that they were not just kept busy but actually make money . .. First we had a good meal , then it was on to the meeting . 

Aiperie had a great handle an the finances . She had all the expenses factored in, and presented her profit / loss statement.   WOW .. 

They are now making 3 times more as a family after all expenses then they were total before expenses just a couple months ago.   That even is including paying back the monthly business loan payment.
  After explaining the financials, she also had identified 2 main areas that she will need to focus on in the next couple months .   #1. she needs to come up with a cheaper transportation method for the transport of raw materials and finished products . and   #2 she has some big orders coming in and needs to find a few more good sewers .

   What an encouragement to see this family working together and experiencing success.  she said that she even was able to get colbassa and chocolates as a treat a couple times last month.
 Great job Aiperie 

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