Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just love us

When you allow your self to be fully invested in the lives of the people around you, Good bye is always difficult.   Brooke has been here with us for about six weeks, coming with one goal,  to be a blessing to the people of Kyrgyzstan.    From the start , Brooke said she was open for anything and everything, just put her to work.   
The first week , we brought Brooke with us around the valley and introduced her to everyone, the second week, she had her scheduled and she was busy at it ... Seniors home, Baby orphanage , Bacute, the TOEFL center , and teaching English at Olga's Learning Center .  They have all come to LOVE Brooke, and I know she loves them . 

Last week we began winding down and saying good bye's .. Its always hard. Brooke came away from the seniors saying " That will be the hardest because this is all the future has for them "   then she said good bye at the baby orphanage .. she said  " This will be the hardest because I can't take photos of these kids to remember them "  Today she said good bye to the Bacute kids . I can only imagine  what she is going to say when she has time to process the emotions.  

We had such a fun time with them all tonight . 

They had prepared a very special meal for us .. "Giuru Gunfun "  It is actualy one of my favorite dishes here . 

  I have said how difficult it can be to say good bye..We are getting a little better at it, and the kids all know us and know that we are coming back so things don't get so emotional..  But every now and then you are caught off guard. 

   As we were leaving tonight , one of the newer boys came right out to the car with us , and at the front gates gave me a big hug, and said .. " Thank you that you Love Me"   .. 

That is what it's all about .. if it was just for that , we know that this trip has been a success.  If only all that we come into contact with would feel and understand that someone loves them . imagine going through life not knowing or not feeling that you were loved.  We have another girl staying with us here, and today we sat down with her and explained the house rules..  The rules were not the emotional part , it was the fact that someone cared about her enough to have rules .. that someone actually cared...Over and over we see this , and again I come back to our first trip here , to a defining moment in what we do... We asked Acel , How can we best help the Kyrgyz people , and her reply was profound "Just love us " 

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Unknown said...

"Just Love Us"...the key to it all.

We tend it make it harder than that some times. So glad you guys 'get it'!

Looking forward to seeing you back in Ontario soon.

Jill Carty
The Julia Project