Thursday, November 08, 2012

More home visits

Something happens that is hard to explain when a baby looks at you and does this ...

What a cutey she is , and  Luba is doing well too. 

any way how did we get to this point in the story?

This morning we bought more rice , flour and oil and continued with the food drops for Larisa's people .  It worked out to be about $40 for enough for several months. 

 one of the stops was with Larisa's mom .. she is doing well, but looking forward to Larisa and Tanya returning soon

  then it was back to the hospital with more mattresses .  There was a special moment when Andy took about 15 minutes out his day to sit with a precious lady that was moments away from passing away.. with no one ... Today this lady had Andy

Then it was off to Bacute to spend some quality time with the kids .. Emma had prepared photos for them and all the stuff needed to make frames .. It was such a fun time .. The kids played the camuse for us , Andy played the piano for them

I sat down with one of the kids and he showed me his photo book.  It was really touching as he turned through the pages going back about 5 years .. the constant in almost all the photos was us ... tats when we realize what an important roll we play in their lives

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