Friday, July 22, 2011

tie one on

There is a tradition in Central Asia.. when you have a special need, you clime to a high place, and there you find a tree, and you tie a small piece of material on it. This material remains their as a "Monument " of sorts. for ever to remind others to pray for all these needs. Over time the tree becomes covered with these "Prayers".
Last week, a group of parents and that adopted Children from Krygyzstan, and are waiting to adopt children from Kyrgyzstan went to a high place .. they went to Washington DC. and their they found a prayer tree, and they tied their prayer cloths on that tree for our young friend Slavic. This photo was so precious to me . I know , and I am sure that they know and understand that no mater how hard we try, this situation facing Slavic right now is all to common.
The future for an orphan is one of despair. I am not certain of the exact statistics, but from what I understand 2/3 of orphans do not last a year after leaving an orphanage before they end up in jail , prostitution, slavery ..or dead... It's not because we think that we are perfect, or that we know all the answers that we want to "Change the system" .. I know that there are a lot of people railing on aid workers and saying that we think we are special or have the answers... We do our best to come at things with an ethnocentric approach, and in most areas I try to be open and teachable... but NOT on the issues that directly affect the most vulnerable.. This must be why justice is to care for the widow and the orphan... pure religion is to visit the widow and the orphan....
We will avoid using terms like change of correct... we will NOT support, or condone, let alone keep quiet when it comes to the mistreatment of the most vulnerable, but we WILL continue to embrace and encourage Kyrgyz customs and traditions that bring Hope and are in the best interest of all... Thank you to all our friends that were in DC last week and took a moment to remember Slavic in true Kyrgyz fashion.

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