Saturday, July 23, 2011

Updates from Emma

Aipery planned a picnic at her house for Bekut orphanage. Aipery and I take the kids swimming once in a while at the little wading pool at the American playground, but every time we go, some of the younger ones aren't allowed to go because they are sick or were sick recently but Aipery really wanted to do something with all the kids, so she saved up her money and took the kids to a little "forest" near her house and gave them a picnic, hosted by Aigula. I brought some string( thanks Bekah :) ) and beads and we made bracelets with them and played ball and badminton and had ice cream on the way home. It was a really great time and the kids didnt want to leave. Aigula's family has really adopted this orphanage and her children have made good friends with the Bekut kids. They want to keep doing fun things like this with the kids. It was also nice to see that others in the community helped out. The bus driver let the kids ride for free and Aigula's sister sponsored the ice cream for the kids.

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