Wednesday, July 27, 2011

update ..from Minnesota

We are having a great trip. Our first stop in Chicago we met a family waiting to adopt from Kyrgyzstan. We had a great time with them . They were such an encouragement to us then they even got us a room on rout at a hotel... So has anyone else heard about these "Heavenly Beds" Oh My ... They sure lived up to their name . When we were packing , my friend Cal was convincing us that a mattress in the back of the van , and a Walmart parking lot was all we needed . So we were prepared... it seemed like a good idea.. but our friend heard about this, and they were certain that we should not be sleeping in a parking lot... Actually it did not sound as bad when we said it...hahaha....but now that we have experienced "Heavenly beds "

Yesterday we stopped on the way to Hilary's and visited a couple more kids that are from Kyrgyzstan..... they are sooooo cute...

The kids posed with us with their new Kyrgyz outfits.

We got a letter from Ruby the other day with an update and photos of Emma.
They had just come back from a watermelon day at the mens home where they delivered a watermelon for everyone.. you can imagine the excitement.

"Emma would like to give 100 bags of rice away - the price has skyrocketed here and it is the MAIN diet for so many - it keeps them alive in the winter. 100 bags would cost $3,133. I suggested to Natasha that she buy three bags the other day for three persons who are widows and in need. In suggesting this - Emma said - I know 100 more. Wouldn't that be wonderful if we could give 100 more before winter!"

Now there is something to work toward. It sure would be a blessing to so many ..

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