Friday, January 15, 2010

The Unwanted ?

Here is another update from our friends... But first, I have to make a point...

When I stop for a moment and think... These were the kids that were for all intensive purposes unwanted.. they were the dregs of society living on the streets., Fortunately the Manassero's did not see them that way.. Today, these same kids are triage nurses, orderlies, pharmacists, cooks and rescue workers... the very ones that society had wanted to forget about.. today they are turning to them for their very lives...With the LITTLE that they have as orphans, they are giving it all to help their community... while others are our starting loot and riot, these kids are an track with the task ahead of them..... Tell me that for one second that does not make you want to do what you can to help them help others .....

Here is what they have to say....

"We have had very serious damage to the homes, the girls home being the worse. But, praise God, no injuries to the kids have occured outside of Daphne who had a wall fall on her and is currently in traction awaiting treatment by a pediatric surgeon due to a broken leg.
We set up the boys home as a medical relief center for the area because the hospitals are not receiving new patients. Hundreds of victims of the earthquake have been through the center and we have been going non-stop, 24-hours-a-day. Many serious injuries. The most recent being people who were dug out of colapsed buildings. We have been blessed with steady flow of nurses, local doctors and others that have assisted us. And, of course, Brooke and Ashley have been working very hard. Also, many of the MDL kids are putting in a lot of time to care for the injured.
Unfortunately, we are running seriously low on med supplies, food and other items to help care for the injured and their families. We cannot even conceive how we will make the building repairs needed.
All our children are sleeping outside in "the bins" (our sports center) because they are afraid of the aftershocks"

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