Friday, January 09, 2009

For now it's LIFE .. Tomorrow it's back to HOPE.

I feel a little disjointed with this story, but it needs to be told... This is just one of the many needs that I was referring to at the end of the last post... you may need to read it first to better understand where I am coming from on this one.....
There are just so many needs in the world, and to meet them all is just not possible... I often tell people that the difference between Central Asia and Home is that when a need arises at home, some way or some how the need is met... very seldom do people fall through the cracks, and when they do, they do not fall far before the "Safety net" catches them ... and it is that Safety net that sets us here in North America apart from a Hopeless and Helpless world.I came to work with Possibilities International because of their fervent desire to make an impact... Through the iam1ru sight, that has happened... over and over... we have even been blessed by people that have just donated and said ..."You decide"... its with those funds that we have been playing the balancing act... Have you ever seen the carnival balancing act where the guy balances spinning plates on the top of a stick , and as each plate starts to slow down, he runs back and forth spinning them again before they all fall.... ? eventually they come crashing down.... Yesterday was one of those days for me...We thought we had a situation taken care of for a couple weeks, , and turned our focus toward Christmas... Little did we know that someone had moved in and stolen the food we had delivered... When our dream agents returned to make some more iam1ru dreams come true , they were met with great heart ache....This is part of the email I received Yesterday.... I have taken some liberty, and softened it slightly ....
It is a lot of pleasure we have received when have seen the answer to our prays
about the invalid house for men. Big Thanks John to your friends for your care. iam1ru gave us money . I
thank you for favour and care of these people. John it so in time!!!!!, because
of a cold and lack of meal has died already many persons and this is what our
friends which help have found out....We were interested what meal for men make
for a breakfast. And it for us was big stress.They ate for a breakfast hot water
with flour mixed and only one small serving spoon. It was similar as in wars
time . John you at all do not know what blessing you have given for these
people. All sick not walking men and children sit in this room you make with the
TV to look and are heated in it, the only warm room from a heater in this
home for men. And we have bought warm socks and have checked that they have
dressed socks on foots ..
..She goes on to give me a break down of how all the money was spent, and included photos of what she found.... If I was doing this on my own... I too would be Hopeless and Helpless at this point... This has underscored for me how necessary it is that PI remain strong... because it is at times like this that PI steps in and makes sure that while we are trying to get the story out, and figure out how to speak for those who have no voice, emergency funds have already been dispatched.... I don't know where it will all come from... but I know that we are not going to sit by and allow more of our friends to die... So for those of you who have donated with out designation.... For today you have saved lives... tomorrow we will focus on HOPE ...I promise !

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