Friday, January 02, 2009

tell me about the girl in the dump. The picture is haunting. I know you found her a home. How are things now for her?

This is the most recent update that I have for here . She and her brother are in a stable home now, back in school, and have a new sister...... who has a story of her own... They now live with our worker Larisa. They are receiving monthly support through the iam1ru .
Life is still very difficult for them. They suffered a lot of trauma, and have a lot to work through. They have issues with hording and with theft, the brother still prefers to enter in and out of the property by crawling under the fence... he will not use the gate, and is often found back at the dump. It is evident that the girls had suffered from abuse, and it is coming out in their play... Larisa has her hands full, but like I say if it comes down to a battle of the wills, the kids have met their match with Larisa.
We are so thankful for the on going support of our friends David and Jayne from Lamb International. They have been working with the family, and will be back in a couple months and will be able to continue counseling them... This is Jayne's area of expertise, and in fact her next book coming out is on the effect of traumatized children on the adoptive family....
Please continue to hold this whole situation up in prayer.

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