Monday, January 12, 2009

With The Skin On

Generosity is something that is a difficult concept to grasp when you have never experienced it before. I know, and have heard from others ,that trying to go through customs can be difficult if you say that the items you are bringing are to give away... that is translated as ... TO SELL... like you must be getting something out of this, or there is an ulterior motive to what you are doing. When helping people, we try to explain to them that there are many people that are supporting them and care for them. We share that we are the ones that are blessed to be able to represent so many , but in such an institutionalized life, that to is almost imposable for them to grasp.... A group of people that give stuff away ? ... and ask nothing in return ?... not easy to understand when you have nothing. When you have no HOPE and are not able to DREAM, how do you even imagine that someone you have never seen loves you.... Some times they need to see that love brought to them WITH THE SKIN ON. They need to have someone that they can relate to, someone that they know.... I realized this when I was at the Men's home for the grand opening of the activity room... One man came out into the hall to see me... he said "People come and see us and say they will help, and we never see them again.... You said you would help... and you came back" he then turned his face into the wall and started to cry.... Others may have helped, and he was just not aware... what he needed was to see tangible help... with the skin on... Now I am not using this as an excuse , and I know that I need to shed a few pounds, but I do stand out in a crowd, especially in Central Asia... I am not easily forgotten ... and as much as we try to make sure people understand that we are only there to support the front line workers, and we represent so many.... there comes a time when I need to just let them hang onto the little HOPE that they can understand.... so by John, I am sure they mean ALL that I have come to represent to them. Thank you to everyone that has supported these and many other projects... And to our friends at in invalid home for men.... You will be one of our first stops when we return.....

To see more photo's from this day, go to iam1ru .

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Hilary Marquis said...

I'm sure they cannot wait to see you again! Well done. Thank you for representing so many so well.