Thursday, January 22, 2009

Invalid home update

I wanted to give you a quick update on the home for invalid men...
Our friends at Lamb International have been able to pick up the torch, and have been bringing food into the Men. The men were so hungry that when they cooked chicken for them, they even ate the bones... Please continue to remember these men... I have a lot more I could say to turn this into a real story, but I am not going to let myself go there for my own sanity... Here are a few photos or Larisa and her other volunteers with some of the men .

This is going to be a long winter, and these men are going to need a lot more help
if they are going to hold on until we get there ... If you would like to help out, please go over to
"iam1ru" and make a donation, or you can sponsore a food drop from the "Cabbage and Patato Club" .


Anonymous said...


The pictures in my head of these men will never be erased....I thank God for that.....the day we visited was probably one of the most challenging days in my ife, and I have had a few in my day. Like you I reflect often on them and how blessed we are to be in our current circumstance not matter how bad we think it is.

From your last post, rolling over and playing dead is not something that could even be possible for you, rolling over requires turning your back....just not possible.

Simply amazing how your family looks after so many widows and orphans, and when we say that we think of women and children.....but the reality is...these men are widows and orphans just as much as the adoptable children.....after being there I'm so glad that you have adopted these men.

Also, you know how cold it is when you have to wear your winter coat in doors to eat your supper!!!

You are a blessing to so many


Dan :)

Lori said...

John and Julie...I tried to make a donation to the cabbage and potato club but the cart came up as Meals on Wheels and was more than what the cabbage and potato club any event--the pictures of these men eating food on the floor from bowls--just tears at my heart. We treat our pets better than that...I wish I could adopt them ALL but for now, hope the donation I make will help. I am just putting it through as a donation and notating it is for the men's invalid home. I really want to help there...if only a little bit!!

Question--is there a home like this for women as well?