Friday, November 28, 2008

Pie's flying at the BIG EVENT !

Have you ever heard the term " a Cheerful Giver"? well the word Cheerful here comes from the original text "Halari" or Hilarious.... and that is just what it will be when Dominic and I get pied... oh ya Cindy too........ Hilarious...... But the most Hilarious part is that we have over 250 Orphans in Central Asia that are going to have the Christmas they could only dream of.... One orphanage has 150 kids.. they will have a special Christmas dinner and party complete with gifts for all the kids..... and a little something special for their caregivers as well....
At the same time, we are sponsoring a similar even with friends of PI at another orphanage the other side of the capital city for about 40 kids ... in fact the Dream agents there have been working on the Christmas presents for a few weeks now......
There are another 61 kids made up from 2 smaller orphanages as well as some families we have been supporting Aygoola's 5 ... the little ones from the dump, and Ruslan in the house that "your the 1" bought .... These kids have quite the day planed for them. I thought you might be interested in the break down
"HI John
Today we was in the capital city and we talk with manager in "VEFA" about make for kids SKEEDKA for beefburger. The manager will give for us 15% for kids this is will cost 136som ( this is $3.49 for each kids)
for Prince kidsmenu:
french fried
little toy
For old people like we :) will cost 159 som ( This is $4.08 for each pers)
$4.08 for :
french fried
not toy for us :( :)
I send for you report how many people and kids, and you can read and change if you have other idea.
In the town orphange 18 kids and 2 workers ( Who will go with kids in captial city )
In the village orphanage 30 kids and 2 workers ( who will go in captial city )
Asela's kids 2 kids and 1 mama ( who will go in the capital city :) )
Larisa's kids 3 kids
Our kids 2 kids and 2 workers ( This is Sergey and I :) )
Aigula's kids 5 kids and 1 mama
Rahima's kids 1 kid
drivers 2 drivers

TOTAL 61 kids ($213) 10 old people

We will need two bus for each time ( we will need two time go to the capital city) And I think what need buy food for driver each time this is two time and for us too :) (Sergey and me because we will go two time).
About small gifts will cost 200 som this is $5.13 ( if 61 kids this will spend $312.93 )
And about circus or kids theater. In the capital city in the Christmas day in the theater will show for kids good program and will play with kids is will cost ticket for each kids $2,56 ( If we can go we will need spend for 61 kids $156.16 )
About gasoline from town to the capital city and back 1 bus need $52 ( if gasoline not will cost more
From the village to the capital city and back 1 bus need $77

And TOTAL for all this $999.09 :)

At this point we are only $20 away from all this taking place, so it is pretty much a done deal....
You have all been awesome and have risen to the challenge..... We will stop hounding you now... But for those of you that did not get your donation in and still want to be a part of this.... we do have another 2000 kids in Central Asia in 8 other projects that our Dream Agents work with on a daily basis.... My be in a few years of this I will have the faith to try and raise the $20 000 to reach them all....OH dear what would I have to do for that challenge... Maybe shave my head and beard.... and have my back waxed.....OK so I have gone to far... erase that image

PS. if you are wondering SKEEDKA is Russian for discount.... like in "Skeedka John"


Anonymous said...

pretty amazing stuff you all...congrats and praise God.

Cindy LaJoy said...

RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Words can't describe it, thanks for the chance to give.


Corinne said...

This is so great! Thank you for helping in such a wonderful cause and helping us all realize the joy that comes from helping others .

Bob; Carrie DeLille said...

What a wonderful thing-though he can't be with us, we know there will be a smile on his face!!

Anonymous said...

I just did my donation, on behalf of my little Isabella, just turned 3 who would have grown up at Tokmok orphanage if not for the blessing of IA. She can go to McDonald's any time she wants!(and she wants to go a lot! :) I will think of the kids at Tokmok. Isabella's Grandma has donated also! Can't wait to watch the progress and see the pie in faces!

Blessings, Melanie

Maria said...

John, I'm sure it's already come in, but I just gave the "last" $20 you said you needed in honor of my little Tokmok Princess, Ellie, who is so blessed to be in her forever home for Christmas this year. I cannot imagine what this Christmas will be like for those kids. I SO WISH I could be there to experience it -- it would be better than any gift anyone could ever give me, you know??? Thanks for giving us the opportunity to help in a small way and for all the work you do there!!