Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Up dates on the last couple of posts.

Great news on the lili operation ... A donation came in last night toward her operation... we now only have about $145 to go... This was such a blessing to me.. I can not help but think of the discomfort that she must be in , and to be so close to a point of being fatal... it must be so hard on her and her family.... My Mom and I were just discussing this yesterday, about an hour before the donation came in . We have been worried about her, and just said that if this was not covered shortly we would have to try to make room on the Visa and then deal with the bill when it comes.... I guess it was Gods way of telling us not to worry and that he had things under control... and that he is talking to some one about it as we speak.
We just had another $30 US come in... we now only need $100 to make this dream come true.
..... THE BIG MEAN DOG.... The dog has been sponsored, and Sergey and Anya will be going on Friday for the Dog... The dog is full grown, and is a specially trained guard dog... this was the wrong person does not get eaten....
This would be so much easier of a job is Julie and I were independently wealthy... then we could just meat the needs ourselves as they came in... but maybe that's why we have this Job... all we can do is present the need and then give others the opportunity to be a blessing and in turn be blessed.

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B said...

God is so good...your story about speaking with your Mom only an hour before...I think that's why you're not independantly wealthy, so you can share doing God's work with others....He wants us all to work together and giving blesses the giver as much as it blesses the receiver!
We were made to love one another.