Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This just in

Hi John.
Sergey and Turat yesterday bought a black dog, and bought collar and catena, food. Whaen Turat saw it now not in the foto, he said " wow, it is bigest than in the foto. And I think what now will go in toilet form the window."
When Sergey and Turat come in the Aygula's house ( Aygula in that time was not at home). All kids was in the house and looked in the window, how Sergey and Turat brought the big dog. They are scared.
Dog ( Boy ) now live in the hen house. Chickens live on the tree . When Aygula back from the orphanage in the house she open the door and just doing couple step, and she saw a big, black and terrible dog ( like in the hair-raiser ) and Aygula slowly went back and open the door and very fast closed. And dog start barking. Aygula start said very loud " Turat, Aypery. Turat , Aypery helpp I want go in the ho-o-o-me ". And one neighbor can see this situation and laugh, and lough. And said " have you a new master of the house ? "
Today Sergey asked Aygyla " Do you live a dog? " she said " Yes, Iike but scared. Turat and Beksultan not scared and bog play with them."

So yes we are thrilled to announce that there is a new master of the house...or at least that is what the neighbours are going to be talking about.... I am sure that in no time the dog will be a part of the family and bring them comfort. Thank you to everyone that made this possible.

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Ann said...

So glad to see that Big Mean Dog has been found and is there to do his job!!!! Sending my blessings to that family and hoping that Big Mean Dog remains master of the house but also part of their farm and family and brings them the security they need from others. Although not quite sure their chickens are approving of him moving into their house!!