Monday, December 01, 2008

The moment you have been waiting for !

We had a great weekend .. It started with our friend David and Barbra coming for a visit on Friday night ... They have been incredible supporters of the work in Central Asia... Years back, I would stop at their house once a month while in the area on business.... Dave caught the bug, and has made countless trips since that time, and has been a driving force for PI in Quebec... We have been blessed to have them as our friends. Then Saturday it was off to Kitchener to the Big Event... We got to town and met up with our Internet friends Jody, Roger and Gabriel... un fortunately Gabriel's Husband Kelly was not able to make it... They had driven over 6 hours for the event... We receive so much support and encouragement from the Internet community.. many of whom have a connection with Central Asia, and have also left a piece of them selves behind... These two couples where There with us , maybe not physically , but certainly in spirit and cyber land....They have been involved in two trips to the village orphanage, and have an invested interest in the kids... It was so great to spend some time with them and introduce them to so many other like minded people at the event. Oh Ya ... and Roger was eager to pitch in and bought a couple cream pies for the night. Another Exciting thing for us was that David and Jayne made the 8 hour drive for the event as well... we had not seen them since we left town..... They arrived with or other friends Lynn and Ruby from Lamb International. They have been such an inspiration to us... I felt as though God had sent them to Central Asia just to bring us the wisdom and support that we needed... with in days of us feeling that we may be in over our heads, they arrived with such a wealth of Knowledge and grace, that we knew that we were right were we were meant to be.... We each did our own thing, but we were always there for each other... That inter dependency and Like mindedness has developed a relationship with them that I can not explain... There were so many others there that night that we have traveled with, it was so nice to see them all... to may to start mentioning names.... then there were those that had traveled to Central Asia , but we had passed in the night... Guys like Marcell .. that still carry an incredible burden for the hurting helpless and lost of Central Asia. Even my friend and Pastor Ron had made the tree hour drive to show his support, and was there with his son. .... I will leave it to Sam over at the PI blog to tell about the totals , but that is not what you are waiting for , its the pie you want to see, so without any further delay.... Now there is one hitch, Emma could not bring herself to throw a pie at me... Bekah had no problem ... so filling in For Emma is one of PI's Dream Agents from Central Asia..


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Woooo Hooo!!!!! Perfect! we have our pie stuff ready but need to find a photographer...asking a friend to come over sometime the next couple of evenings or will rig it up myself. I don't have a big event to do it for like you did :-)