Friday, August 15, 2008

Seeing Them High and Lifted Up !

One of the greatest parts of this trip was to be a part of , and watch the transformation of lives... Two families in particular have a special place in our hearts... Both went from desperate situations, to living in an orphanage to having their own homes... We got to watch as the kids, and their mom's, came to life, and the light began to flicker in their eyes. It is one thing to see the photos and hear the stories, but I hope in some way we can convey that this is real life! ... these are real kids... and because of the support of others... they have a real chance at a future......

I know that I am supposed to be on holiday right now, and that the new sponsorship program at P.I. is still a ways off, but some of you are just chomping at the bit to get things rolling.... These are two of the families that some of our readers have been in correspondance about. I wanted to send them this video, but am not able to email a file this big, and figured that it would not hurt for the rest of you to see this as well.... so have a watch and see the spark in their eyes for yourself.... If you have felt a burden for any of the people that you have seen on this blog, let me know, and We will find a way for you to make an important investment into their lives.


Anonymous said...

No H.N.S. for them any more!

Hilary Marquis said...

Thank YOU, John! Without your service none of us would've known.

Anonymous said...

Just stinkin amazing, again :) An absolute blessing to be there with you for such a short time, I miss those smiles and the hugs........Okay now I'm getting all misty eyed. Looking forward to seeing you soon,


Dan :)

Julie & John Wright said...

Dan!!!!!!where have been!!!!!!
I trust that you were on holidays or something because I sure have missed you. Oh well, see you later this week.
It was great to have you be such a huge part of our lives for the last six months, you have been a blessing to us, thank you,