Saturday, August 09, 2008

Not forgotten

We are settling in here in Yalta. walking on the beach and doing a lot of people watching. Its funny every where we look we seeing people that resemble people we know.. it is strange when we went so long where everyone was "you know the beautifull girl with the long black hair and dark eyes" became a bit of a joke for us. We are no longer starred at everywhere we go...we are however deaply missing all our friends in Central Asia and now as home time approches we are thinking about all our family and friends there as well. When we were in KreVeroge, we visited some of the institutions that Ed has been working in for so long. It is great to see the difference he has made. We can only compare to what we have seen in Central Asia, and this holds out hope.
We took one day and brought hot dogs and a BBQ along with some other treats to a boys rehab center for a picnic. We also brought them a new net and vollyball for there newly built vollyball court... It's funny... we knew it was the Wright thing to do, and we are so pleased that we were able to make it happen for the sake of the kids and Eds workers... but if the truth be known...our hearts were just not in it.
We sort of looked around.... OK they have food, they have running water... bathrooms... windows... shoes and cloths...they even have some workers that can afford to spend time with them..... Still miles from the standards that we would expect in Canada, but compared to what we have seen the last 5 months... they are ok... It was difficult to allow ourselves to make conection with these kids... we smiled and played, but we did not let them in ! I feel bad, but the whole time, our minds were on the needs of our kids in Central Asia .
We still are in contact with our friends there... the problems continue and they are doing there best to solve them as they are able... Jengish has shared several burdens with me that have come to the fore front since he has been able to get back out working with the homeless.... I have asked him to post some of the stories on his blog in the next few days.... I must say that it has been such an encouragement the amount of support that we have recieved... We set out to bring awarness to the trials that many of our friends in Central Asia face every day ... MANY OTHERS HAVE PICKED UP THAT TOURCH AND ARE USING THERE BLOGS TO HELP RAISE AWARENES. Here is an example I found today from a Fellow Bloger . this is by no means the only one out there.... maybe one day I will do a post of all the links I can find....... It sure holds out hope as we see the ripple efect.... Knowing that our friends will not be forgotten is a blessing to us. ( still no spell check)

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Drew and Rita said...

John, so sorry that you had such trouble with finding accommodations. Wehope you enjoy the rest of your time there.