Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Burdens Continue

We are slowly adjusting back to our life here in Canada... We arrived home and the house was nice and clean, the grass was cut, and even the fridge and the cupboards we stocked with food. We are so blessed to be part of such a wonderful community... As we drove through the streets in town, we could not help but notice how beautiful everything was.. The streets were clean and in good shape, the lawns were all cut and the houses are all in good repair... Norwood is not a wealthy town and they are not monster homes, but it really is beautiful... I have been into a few stores and they all know me by name and were eager to hear how our trip was.... Then they would all ask... "So are you glad to be home...?"... how do you politely say NO!... so we just smile and say oh yes.... Now if you are from Norwood and reading this, don't get me wrong... We love it here and if we have to come back, this is the place to come.... But we are all wishing we could just be here for a visit then get back to work....IN CENTRAL ASIA.....I think that this whole process would be much better if we had a return date .... We continue to be in regular contact with our friends there, and just because we are not there, does not mean that the needs stop....A few updates since we have been away.... Altyni did very well on her entrance exam and not only is she officially the first student enrolled in the new technical institute, but she is even in there flyer's.. She is living with Christean and Rouslan until school starts, then as soon as they are ready, she will move into the dorms. .... Aigoola and her family have been to the Dr's and the dentist, and are being helped with this by Ascell. They are doing well... Exciting things are starting to unfold there that I will share soon. But things are not always rosy, Our friend Jengish continues to find situations that are beyond his resources.... Last week he shared about a man he has been helping for about a year... he is now leaving the drug rehab center, but has no home to go to... or another lady he found on the streets last week.... He is concerned what is going to happen when winter starts...... Here is his report.

This is another homeless family. A grandma and a grand kid. They could easily be helped, simply because they don't do drugs, and they don't drink
alcohol... Little kid needs to go to school, and grandma could work somewhere.
I will have to make some calls and see what I can do to help, but the hard thing is that if we were there, I know we would have found them a home by now....
A few hundred dollars never stopped us then.... why is it stopping us now ?


Mint Man said...

Hi John. Your feeling about coming back now is how I still feel when I came back to Canada...and my trip there was over a year ago. I too just wish it was a visit & then back to work. But in my case as soon as debts are paid & resources put in place I'll be back. It's always good to read your blog to catch up with things there. May God continue to bless you all.

Anonymous said...

John and Julie: Investigate this situation further and somehow we can help them.