Sunday, August 03, 2008

On to Krivarog

We are at an internet place here in Krivarog. We got here last night at 7:30pm. The place is really nice, like a new cottage/guest house in the back yard of the Pastor Gregory's. There are these two ladies that make us food and serve it out side, the place has two bedroms and and kitchenette. It is very nice, oh and a sitting down flush toilet too.
We went to church this morning and what a time we had. We met with the pastor before hand and shared a bit about who we are and what we have been doing and then went in to the service. WELL, we walked in what we thought was the back door, unbenonced to us, stepped in to the front of the sanctuary and the whole place stood and clapped for us. Well I turned and looked behind me looking for a movie star or something, Bekah tripped a little and almost fell in to the sancturay and we tried to get out of the way. Did I mention that this church is one of about 1000 people ..... Then we were escorted over to the front row and had a small table in front of us with water just for us. There was even a servant woman there as well.... we could not even look at the water, and she was up to pour us a glass... we know this because John tried it out a few times
After the excellent worship service we got up and John shared something and Thank God, got to sit down. John brought greetings from our home church in Canada and was asked to share a story from Central Asia ...he did an excellent talk about the getting water to the village story.
We went to a home for invalid men this afternoon, the girls favourite place to visit, and will do some more project visiting tomorrow. The weather is great, sunny and hot. We have had the longest summer of our lives. I hope to work on my tan in the Crimea. We are all fine, Ed's son Jonathon is with us and we have Ed's van. Jonathon is a pretty nice young guy, 21, tall and alot like Ed.


Anonymous said...

Happy Sunday guys!
Who said the bible is irrelevant for today? Huh? More and more on your travels and adventures I have seen the Word of God acted out.
When we are truly humble and do all things for the glory of God and not ourselves, He will elevate us and show off the handyworks He has done through us!
You guys rock!
Love, hugs, kisses (brotherly) and prayers to you four from us four,

Anonymous said...

Dear John, Julie, Emma & Bekah,
Thank you for sharing these stories! It's so exciting. Isn't it wonderful to experience the same connection with those who love the Lord Jesus Christ in all parts of the world. Truly the Holy Spirit unites us in a way that nothing else can. Looking forward to hearing more of your stories from you when you return to Canada. Much love, Paula