Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fire works on the waterfront

Here is a typical day at the beach.... people are packed in so tight that they have perfected the art of sunbathing standing up.... almost like they have heard a bell ring, they all turn at the same time.
This is one of the houses along the street that we pass on the way to our appartment.

We have seen some incredible fire works while we are here. Every night down at the water front, thousands of people gather to watch the show. After about 15 min. Julie said that she thinks that this is the best fireworks she has ever seen, and with that to the other side of us on the beach a second show started at the same time ..

. I watched, but I don't think that even I will be able to out do this one on the long weekend when we get home.

One of Emma's pass times is to sit on her bed and draw the friends that she remembers from Central Asia. This is Juldiz

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