Friday, August 08, 2008

Crimea adventure

Well we have had quite the adventure.
We drove for about 7 or 8 hours to get to the Black Sea. We had arrangments to meet someone when we got here. We were to call from about an hour out to get directions... When we called, we were told Oh Ya... $100 a night not $70.... but come on in and we will meet you at the bus stop.... or at least a friend of the lady will meet us there ...she is the lady in yellow.... now there turns out to be about 600 bus stops here and everyone is wearing yellow.... so after several phone calls and a third party translator, we are told never mind the lady in yellow, look for a lady standing under a bridge somewhere wearing a white sun hat.... again do you know that every bridge has people wearing white sun hats..... fast forward a few hours... this lady gets into the van looks around and asks where we are from... then gets on the phone, calls someone and says " They are fat Canadians.... they can pay a lot more"... the rest of the day was a right off as she proceeded to show us places that were $160 and $170 a night... she said that was the best they could do.... we said well maybe we will rent for one night and figure somethiong out tomorrow... they then told us that you could not rent for less then a week... We called again to the lady that had told us to come down for a $70 a night appartment... she was out of town but said that we could stay in her Son's one room appartment about 5 km from the water for $65 and she would help us the next day..... so off to this scetchy place with drunks trying to climb in the windows during the night... the next day arrives and she is .... oh my... out of town for a few more days....I am beginning to think it is her plan all along.... so we go off and try to find our own place with out the dragon lady with us... so by 4pm last night ..Eds son Johnathon is able to talk someone down to $125 a night and we are settled in ... now I just need to take a couple days to get over my distain for everything YALTA and maybe we will have a good time after all..... Un fortunatly still no place to put photo's on the blog.... maybe next time I will steal some off Google to show you what we are seeing....and now I see the web blockers will not let me run a spell check so you will just have to work with me here and pretend that it is all spelled right.

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Anonymous said...

Granny had a word for that - "Rookem and doem." That memory should give you a laugh and thereby make you feel a little better. You're not there by accident. See you soon.