Sunday, October 21, 2007


Before I share some of the travel tips I have acquired over the years, I must first give a disclaimer. Although some of these may appear to be "Potty Humor" I must say that they have served me well . I wish I could take credit for them myself, but I have gleaned them from other experienced travelers.

Rule # 1
*"NEVER trust a fart"..........Bob Campbell

Rule #2
* " Finish every meal with a piece of a BANANA...They taste the same coming up as they did going down".........Julies Hofer

Rule #3
* "If irritated by the person sitting beside you on the plane.....get out your laptop make sure they can see the screen, then push this LINK...sit back and close your eyes." .......Mike Selby

now I am sure that there are other great travel; tips out there that we will all find very useful....if you know of any, please comment!

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