Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's not all clowning around for Goderich

Sam and the team have arrived in a town in Central Asia. The church from Goderich has raised $25,000 that must be invested in the orphanage in the village. To date they have invested in new tile on floor and walls in kitchen ,A complete reno of water pipes feeding new kitchen and new electrical throughout kitchen and dining room..., New heating pipes and system for one half of building that they used in summer but never in winter....They are building to hold water heating system and a winters supply of coal. That leaves almost 1/2 the money left....they will be buying a new water heater for kitchen...putting in counters...tables..shelves.
This is serious stuff! No clowning around. But they also have two clowns with them...."Herbie the Hobo" and "Buttons"...What a hit they are with the kids....sharing the love of God in this special way...they are booked in orphanages, the hospital...playground program...local church. For more updates on this trip check out the following sites...

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