Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I think back to the first time I travelled overseas, there was a young man that even at that time was no stranger to the mission field. He is just a regular guy with a young family, a job and I am sure if fair share of day to day bills, but over the years, he has always been able to take the time
to make a difference. It is one of those things.... When you hear that Julius will be on trip with you, you feel reassured. He works so hard, and cares so much. He brings joy to all he meets, and rolls with the punches, and somehow always manages to stay humbly in the background. For me he has been an example and an inspiration.
I look forward to many more years of partnership.

displaying his new "Home made Canadian Flag"

giving out fresh fruit to the disabled

Despite lots of work to do, he always takes the time to give undivided attention to the kids.

A generous spirit, and a warm heart.

Never afraid to clown around a little if it makes the kids laugh.

I think that we could all learn a lot from Julius.....We can make a difference!

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