Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So call me a coward....really I'm ok with that !

Check out my cool Outfit.... I was in the market picking up some supplies when I attract the attention of some of the vendors... Eying me up they determined I was a football player, and Eying them up I determined that I was in no shape to be tackled. I told them we could not play because we had no helmets, So out came the gold hats.... Then I explained that we had no ball at which point they stuffed a purse with cloths and were ready to go..... so I did the only thing I could and put on the "quarterback jacket" then explained to them the # 1 rule of football is You can not tackle the Quarterback....in fact that offence would put you out of the game forever..... You all know that rule don't you?... For the next 15 minutes I watched as these guys beet the tar out of each other....I am glad I had the special jacket on.!

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