Monday, September 17, 2007

"With a little help from my friends "

For years now, I have been telling people " If God is calling you to missions, it is God's responsibility to pay for it! Sounds good, but I still manage to get obsessed with how the bills are going to get paid.
A few Months back Sammy asked me if I would assist him on this falls trip to Xxxxxx. It was definitely not on my plans to go, I have been concentrating on a six month trip in Feb with my family.... I felt that any promoting I did would detract from this trip. At first I turned him down, but It did not sit well with me. I had made my decision based on economics.
Finally I set things right and contacted Sam , He gave me the same line that I give people..... Don't worry about the money.... It will show up.
Well we leave today, and I still have not even asked Sam if any support has come into Possibilities International for me on this trip. I have left it totally in Gods hands.... and did not see money come in...... I did not obsess....and did not see money come in..... I went on with preparing for next years trip......and still I did not see money come in...
Well by the end of the day yesterday .........The MONEY WAS IN.....Was there every any doubt?
It always amazes me the generosity of people. For me it is a very tangible thing. I have looked into the faces of the seniors, I have held the orphans in my arms, it is a no brain er, but for many of you who have supported team members, you have stepped out in FAITH. Faith in God is easy, It's faith in Man that can be difficult.
I am honoured to be on this team with so many outstanding missions minded individuals, the excitement , energy and enthusiasm that they bring WILL change a nation. I know I speak for them when I say thank you for being a part of that, thank you for making this trip possible.


Paula said...

Privyet John! I'm waiting for you to put a new blog on. You must have arrived by now?!?
- Paula Kirkland

Anonymous said...

Hey John

Blessing dude ... looking for the update!

P ron