Monday, September 10, 2007


Literally .... the crunch is on....

With the new weight restrictions, we are having an awful time trying to get everything packed. I'm telling you... this is like the fishes and loaves.....The more I pack, the more there is. ... I was thinking that If I wore all my clothes at once maybe that could free up an extra space. Maybe we will have to give in and pay for an extra bag.....or ten.
If you have been praying for God to multiply our resources, you could add the phrase "as they unpack in Xxxxxxx" unless of course you are referring to the $$$$ to pay the baggage overage..... there I think we need all the prayer we can get.

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Mala said...

GOOD LUCK!!! I found it hard to pack for 2 weeks! I can't imagine how to pack for a longer stay. You're picture reminds me of a little story that happened to us in KG. Our scheming coordinator tried to tell us that 4 adults + driver and our luggage would make us over weight in our minivan and we would have to pay an additional fine. WHAT?! Have you seen the cars in KG?!!!!