Thursday, September 13, 2007


As I mentioned I am in this packing nightmare...I will be in Xxxxx this month. We have friends there, so of course we want to bring some gifts for them. We can't lose track of the fact that this is a humanitarian aid trip, so of course there are plenty of medical supplies. We will be in the orphanages.....crayola crafts.......Seniors homes .....lap blankets...... In the second leg of the trip Sam and I will be in Central Asia. I will leave all my extra cloths there for when we come back, as well as some other personal items. We will be getting projects ready for a team coming from Godrich Ontario a few weeks later. They have graciously agreed to bring some hockey bags full of craft supplies and toiletries for us that they can leave for when we move there. This means that we must pack those bags now as well.
I was saying to Julie that the one personal bag, or as they say on survivors "luxury item" really might be something that we could do without...... I pointed out that friends of ours have just moved to Tanzania. they have 2 kids and they had 4 bags total to last them 3 years...Yikes..... Well we could do that. .... You know they say that to be effective in missions you have to completely immerse yourself in the culture..... I think that that is great advise ......Not that I am going to follow it, but nun the less great fact I think that we are doing well to willingly use the soap .....This is a photo of a few cases of laundry soap being dropped at the orphanage.

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