Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Stolen Hug

From across a dim lit room, first eye contact is made. Seemingly alone in a world surrounded by other orphans. Eye contact is quickly shifted to a point just over your right shoulder so as not to attract attention. Like a wild cat with stealth like precision, he begins to make his way across the room. Weaving quietly and cautiously around others in hope of not being noticed or detained. Two fast he will be noticed and to slow, I might have moved on. Then suddenly he is standing at my side. I don't exactly know the point of contact, but there he is easing his way under my right arm. Contact is far from over... Like the precision of the Queen Marry docking , the process begins. Heart pounding he fixes his gaze in the same direction as me. His breathing is at a complete stop as he begins to make contact. First his foot then his ankle then knee...his breathing begins , but amazingly it patterns mine. I cane feel his heart rate begin to slow, until it too is beating with mine. Slowly the universe begins to fade from existence... the through the fog we here... OK lets go.... I can feel him draining every ounce of life from my body that he can ... Then in the crush of people connection is lost and we drift apart. Tired and week I climb back into the car.... Feeling guilty that I have just stolen a hug.

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