Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tapped Out

We had opportunity to go out to Sxxxxxxxx orphanage and home for mentally ill women. It was a true blessing to see the impact that we have had there already. The director was so excited to share about how for the first time ever; they had heat in the building for the winter. He says that ever since we started coming to that home, their life has improved..... For me it was mixed emotions. I had heard that they needed water inside,... but to be on the other side of the world,.... still patting myself on the back for having a part in bringing in the heat, the severity of the situation never hit home. ..... ok here is the scoop. There is One tap in the middle of the court yard that services all 250 adults and 30 some odd kids. This must provide for all washing cleaning and cooking. year round..... did I mention that it comes out at little more than a trickle........and if that was not bad enough, it only runs between one to two hours a day. .. I spoke with the girls and now understand that bringing in water is more than just running a line, they need a water tower built so that they can fill it when they have water, and still have water when the power is out, something that is a regular occurrence. The solution is simple .... $4000..... It’s no so bad if you say it fast, but a lot of money non-the less. One more thing we will have to trust God for. Blessings John


Diane said...

Allo vous autres

J'espère que vous allez bien
je suis contente que vous partagiez vos connaissance.

J'ai hate d'avoir de tes nouvelles

Hilary Marquis said...


I will add it to our prayer list. You and I have seen God move mountains! Keep the faith.