Friday, September 28, 2007

Goodbye at the gate

Yesterday we had the opportunity to take a bunch (45) of kids bowling. They are a very special bunch. They are all part of the family and have all come out of one of the orphanages here. P.I. has a followup plan that looks out for these kids when they are out of the orphanage.
Imagine living in an orphanage your entire life, and for some of these kids, never being on the other side of the gate. It is your whole life, You hear it bang closed during the night, you see people come and people go, but that 8 foot high solid steal gate is a barrier between you and the rest of the world. Then one day you turn 16 and they come to you and hand you one change of cloths, and walk you to that gate. without the help of a few good people, where would you end up?

Tomorrow the team is off to one of the ancient cities, and Sammy and I are heading to Central Asia..... I will post photos from there .
Blessings John

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