Monday, July 30, 2007

Youth Making a Difference

For several years now, the youth in our church and our village, have watched and supported as we have sent teams over seas. This weekend, they started preparations to go. 25 of us headed to Quebec for an intensive training week. We began the trip with training seminars and team building exercises. We used many of the positive affirmation exercises borrowed from A.V.P. It was truly amazing to see how the kids interacted with each other. The final session each one of us exhorting a team member and releasing a candle into the lake for them. Then on Friday we began our home
makeover project Quebec
version. The youth were
incredible. In the first hour
they did what would have taken weeks for one person to accomplish on their own

In only one day, they put a new roof on the back part of the house, painted a few rooms , cleaned the yard, fixed the gardens,cut the grass, and the list goes on.
It was truly amazing what they accomplished . What was most amazing was their attitudes .

It was an incredible trip, and I can't wait to meet up with them in Central Asia where I am sure they will be amazing .


Dave from Qu├ębec said...

you just touched the tip of the iceberg. Those youth stayed in our cottages for a few days and touched our lives so profoundly. Our children are still talking about saturday.Can les clairieres get som free publicity on your blog or will julie veto that?
Love you guys

Julie & John Wright said...

You are so right Dave. There is so much more to tell. This Sunday, the youth that went will be sharing in the morning service. I want to hear what they have to say, then I will share more.
Blesings John