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In a perfect world, we would not need to do this........but in a perfect world there would be no need to do this !.....We have started sending out letters looking for support. It is always so hard . If you have ever had to do it you will know that it can be very humbling to have to ask for money. I was really dreading it, then a good friend of mine got after me. You see he heard that I was going to XXXXX in Sept, and would be stopping in Central Asia on my way home. He asked why I had not come to him for money for this trip. I explained that with such a big trip coming up in February, I didn't think it was right to be going to people for support for this trip. He looked a little annoyed with me and said, "Maybe I want to support this trip.... did you ever think of that ? Maybe I can't Go but I want to be a part of what is going on..... did you ever think of that ? Maybe you should let me decide where I am going to send my money ... did you ever think of that " He actually insinuated that I was being a little selfish, and robbing him of the blessing of giving. So just so I will never be accused of that again, I will post a letter that I am working on.

Oh No……. not another form letter looking for money….. at least that’s the felling I get when I receive letters like this in the mail. There are so many people and Organizations that are vying for our dollars….. how do we decide who to help? What I look for is a person or organization that I know will not only be responsible, but will make a difference. I like to see that the people I am helping have an invested interest in what they are doing. For me , it is important that I can go and see first hand the changes that are being made. That is how we ended up working in Central Asia.
Possibilities International and Loads of Love ( two organizations we know and trust) have been supporting workers in a region of Central Asia for many years. A couple of years ago, we were denied access to XXXXX due to political unrest, and as a result , found ourselves in Central Asia. What we found there was amazing. A nation that is so beautiful, people that are so warm and friendly, workers that are putting their all into helping the seniors and Orphans, and an entire economy that is in a state of near collapse. Many regions facing employment rates as low as 15%, and no social safety net, it is no wonder that there is such need.
With the support of many of you, we have been doing what we could. For a couple years now ,threw short term trips, and raising awareness we have seen incredible changes in the lives of so many. As we scrape away at the surface it has become evident to us is that much more is needed. Our new friends need the tools to make even more of an impact. We feel that we have the ability to help them realize their dreams.
In Feb Julie and I along with Emma and Bekah will be heading to Central Asia for six months. While there we will be working on several different projects. We will be giving over sight to “One” , an initiative to provide housing , life skills counseling , and Job training to families currently living in the local dump. We will be assisting our friends with the work that they are doing with the seniors and orphans, and helping them to bring awareness to the difficulties they face. Emma and Bekah will be focusing there energy on teaching English to a couple of orphanages threw art and music. But most of all, they will have the opportunity to spend some one on one time with many of these beautiful children, something every child needs, but something that these kids may never get. Another project we will be putting into place is a “foundation” that will provide necessary medical care to children in the orphanages. The most exciting part of this stay is going to be facilitating short term trips from Canada. We will be hosting several teams while we are there. Living in the region, we will be able to better tailor the missions experience to the team . If you are interested in coming as part of a team, or on your own as an “adventure holiday” let us know and we can make the arrangements for you.
For three years now we have been getting funds in place to cover all the expenses necessary to keep the home fires burning while we are away. We have our flights covered, and we have a project in place that we are trusting will provide the necessary funds to purchase and renovate the homes we will be giving away. What we need now is a working budget for our stay in town. What we are able to accomplish will greatly depend on people like yourselves. Please take a moment to read the information brochure and consider what you can do to be a part .

John Julie Emma and Bekah.

You can find the brochure and more information on the P.I. web sight
you will also find a link there to Canada helps where you can donate on line.
blesssings John

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