Friday, July 20, 2007

Where everybody knows your name !

Friends of ours have just left for the missions field. As I write this, I just received an email saying that they have arrived safely. They are going to a remote location with no hydro and no running water . They will be there for two years, their reports home should prove to be most interesting . You can follow their progress at .
I started thinking besides not being able to speak and understand the language, what are we going to miss. Things like Pulling in for gas, saying thank you and driving off ...Renting a movie and not having to sign for it... The people you meet on the street know you by name....If there is more than one person ahead of you in the grocery store, they will open a new lane...... You hear a siren and everyone stops and looks out to see what is going on....then pray that it's no one you know.....the man at the hardware store knows the size of our furnace filter , and placing your order at the local restaurant is done by saying "I would like breakfast please",and it comes out just the way you like fact in preparation for our trip, we put locks on the door of the house , something we did not have up until now. But then again, we will have electricity .......sometimes...and there will be running water......sometimes, and we will even have Internet connection.....sometimes. One thing that I am pretty sure of is that by the time we leave the people we meet on the street will know our names.

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