Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sam on way home

This is Sam reporting from xxxxxxxxxx on my last night before I return to Canada. It is 10:56pm here and I am sitting in an internet cafe surrounded by a group of 14-15 young men playing war games on the computers. Spending time and money fighting "make believe" wars....there has got to be more to life than this.
My heart is pulled towards home and my family...also thinking of my sister. But my heart is also tugged towards Central Asia and the team that is presently there from Norwood and doing an INCREDIBLE work in a small city. Pastor have quite a team there....and John Wright is a machine. It has been a month of WILD impact in a country of Central Asia. To both teams...incredible.
And you guys from Norwood still have a few days left. Go for it!
Please read the couple posts (posted previous) by Pastor Ron Hughes about what is going on here in need for me to blog what he has done previously so well. Let me just say....God is up to wildly wonderful things.
Looking forward to further reports. Also looking forward to wings at Moose Winooski's!

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