Thursday, November 09, 2006

Heading for Home

It is now 9:30 pm in the capital city and we will soon be leaving for the airport. We want everyone who has sponsored us or has been praying for the team , or helped in any way , to know how much we have appreciated being your hands in action. We have seen things , and experienced situations that will live with us forever. We have had the opportunity to reach into the lives of every day people, and touch them in ways that they'll never forget. I think of a young boy that came for help. He is 18, supports three sisters ranging from 7 to 11 years old. He lives on the top floor of a run down 6 story apartment. The roof leaks, the water does not make it to the top floor, and the wind blows in around the windows. He was looking for help sealing the windows so the wind does not blow in, you see with no heat, the wind is more than they can bare. We got him the supplies to fix the windows, then showed him how to use the calking gun, then told him the best way to stop the cold was with this, then handed him a brand new heater in still in the box. It was all he could do not to cry. This boy is one of thousands here that has had to grow up way to fast. Its the interactions like this that we will remember in years to come. We look forward to being home soon. Blessings from Central Asia . John

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