Friday, January 12, 2024


We had the opportunity to get a great deal on a huge load of wood .  It is important to provide some wood with the coal so that people can get the fires going .  Many time people end up pealing off wall paper or breaking up furniture to get the fires going and heat their homes.  We will be able to bag this up and deliver with the coal. 

We got word of an orphanage that was running out of coal fortunately we had someone in the area that could assist in getting them the coal they needed. 

We have been blessed by our friends at Luke Services International who have worked incredibly hard to make sure that we have the coal to provide.  They just sent three more truck loads and have 4 more on the way .  we will have enough bagged up and ready for the guys to start deliveries on Tuesday .. they already have 16 families on the wait list for the next batch of coal . 

So this brings me to a small issue that we have .  We have this extra coal provided and we have many families in need , but what we need now is money for diesel for the trucks.  not a lot but a hole bunch of "Not a Lots " can add up .. we need about $100 for this ... we also like to bring a little bit of food at the same time , especially this time of year, if they have no heat , its pretty safe to say they don't have much food either ... We would like to help with that .. "Not a Lot" but it adds up. even with the 16 on the list already not to mention the next 20 or 30 after that , its not a lot , maybe $10 a family .. , but multiply that by 20, 30, or 40 .. plus the diesel, and we are already up to $500 .. If anyone would like to help with all, part , or even just a little of this , it would be appreciated more then you know . 

The bird feeders that the boys made over there Christmas break are in place now up at the orphanage camp.  .   

Many of you will recognize Misha from the farm . H has been working about a year now at that same orphanage camp looking after the horses and keeping an eye on things when there is no one else there .. This week he was blessed when he was given his own coal to raise .  Congratulations Misha... This makes me happy to see.

Back on the farm, Alivtina has been a blessing. She comes out to the farm three times a week and does cooking classes with the boys.  Rule # 1  No cooking until the kitchen is spotless .. Its fun to watch the boys work so hard to make sure everything is clean washed and disinfected before she arrives . 

Today hey were learning how to make scones .  If you have made scones you know it is a fine line between a sticky mess and hard and crunchy ... some where in the middle is the perfect scone ... and I am sure that under her watchful eye .. they found that perfect middle ground .. Now for just a bit of the farms home made jam and honey ,,, wish I was there  


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