Monday, January 22, 2024

Calling in the resources

I was chatting with a young father at church yesterday and he was bragging about how easy his wood was because he has two young sons at home who do all the carrying .. I said to him " You know, they do grow up and move away so by the time you are old , YOU have to do the wood ." I watched as he deflated as the thought resonated .   Well I got home and Aiden came for a visit , and remembering this conversation I suggested that he could bring in some wood if he wanted ..  He was thrilled and went right to work .. they had to pull him back in to get boots and a coat on him.  Julie told him that when Emma was his age we would call here our little Wood Rat , he snapped back ever so quickly .. Ya well I am a Wood Yack .  I guess that's the Kyrgyz in him .  

We are starting to wind down the coal now .  At least from my end .  In Kyrgyzstan they still have two more loads arriving this week enough for 16 families and we have about 12 left on the delivery list.  so we seem to be  coming out the back end of the winter. 

Of course there is always something , Now I need to start turning my attention to the seeds 

We help to provide seeds to about 250 families who would otherwise not be able too plant gardens.  We will need to order those seeds shortly , and with it we will have to pay 1/2 up front , total will be about $3000 , so shortly we will nee to pay $1500, and then first of April the other $1500.   

Another big expense for us is my return flight to Kyrgyzstan March .. I will need to book that flight of Feb 6.  that's coming up quickly .  That flight will be approx. $1750 

Along with the seeds delivery when I get there, This spring we have work to do with the yurts .  The side of the hill is so windy , that the wooden yurts take a real beating.  This last summer we had to shut them down early and cancel some bookings .  

We were able to sell the big yurt for enough to  to get a new cover for the small yurt .  Our plane is to get two more small yurts that are mettle frames and canvas covers that will be more durable.  For this we will need to raise $3000 more .. We already have booking for kids this summer that want to use them so I am really praying that we are able to meet this need.  

The next item is more of a want then a need .  In the village we often have power and water outages .  Last fall we built a utility shed with storage and water tanks .  while building it I built in faith a small room for a generator  .  I would like to purchase a generator for $600 . This would provide back up power for the water system, the laundry facilities , the showers and for the chicken and rabbit barn as well as the work shop.  this is along with the house / office that Julie and I stay at.    

We do still have an outstanding debt that I will not be able to put off much longer .  we have just over $3000 still due in tuition expenses from the fall and winter semester.  

 Of course there are so many other things like further food drops, repairs and renovations around the farm , but those we will face as they come up, but right now it would be such a blessing and relief  to have these $11,350 in needs out of the way.  

We had a pastor and friend tell us that "Our calling is not directed  by the recourses , but the resources ARE directed  by our Calling. "   

Please join us in praying that those resources would be called to the mission NOW

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