Wednesday, January 03, 2024

God Bless you

I received a message today from one of the Babushka's we brought coal to .. She was just letting us know that she is doing well, and wanted to wish us a blessed , healthy and prosperous new year. 
This is not an uncommon occurrence .   I was told a long time ago that we are blessed to be a blessing, but it does not end there. For every blessing that we bring, I have come to realize that multitudes of prayers and blessing are returned as we hand them back to God.  I spent the day with our team bringing blessings in the form of food or coal , and since that day I KNOW that every day there are people lifting us up and praying as they continue to return  thanks to God  for not forgetting about them  and in return , they are not forgetting about YOU.   

The impact that this has in peoples lives is unbelievable , but what is even more unbelievable is how much we are blessed in return . 

I have shared before that I noticed something .. It does not mater a persons religion or beliefs , When they are in true need and you are able to bless them, they all respond the same way "GOD BLESS YOU "   And let me tell you, When an atheist  calls out God to bless you ... man that's powerful 

Here is a video I put together a few years ago .. it still gives me goose bumps .. Enjoy 

For everyone who has supported the work in Kyrgyzstan , listen to this and RECIEVE this blessing as you head into a new year .  

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