Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Developing a Social Conscience

Today was a cold and blistery day outside so Sergey and the boys fired up the heater and spent some time in the wood shop.   The boys had there first class in the basics of woodworking , and what  is a better project then building a bird feeder . 

They did great and were very proud of their workmanship 

They decided that they will bring their creation to a small orphanage they have on their hearts .  This is the orphanage that we brought shoe shopping and then bowling with the boys.  

They are also the orphanage that the boys gave a Christmas tree to when they were blessed with one from a man that they delivered coal to.

I am so encouraged that as part of the boys life skills and development , they have really developed a social conscience.   I am sure that the orphanage kids will enjoy time watching the birds in the new bird feeders. 

This young girl has faced so much in her short life ,   please help us bring some stability by helping with her preschool .

As we look back at 2023 I am once again amazed at how much was accomplished and the lives that have been impacted.   There are a few items that we carry over to 2024 with us .   We are about $7000 behind on school scholarships that we are praying can be cleared up quickly. I am sure that 2024 will bring many of its own challenges with it, so it would be nice to cover these needs and leave the debt behind .   If you would like to help us with this with a special one time donation,  please use the top right link here on the blog.  If using the US donations , please be sure to choose " Act of Kindness (Kyrgyzstan Missions ) from the drop down box. 

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