Monday, October 09, 2023

We have arrived .

So great to be back in Kyrgyzstan again.  The trip was full of wonderous sights and sounds as we had layovers in both Iceland Amsterdam . We had time out of the airport so that we could do some touring . 

 The flights had a little bit to be desired .. very hot and very crowded . but we made it.   I think they have added a few too many extra rows into the plane !  The trip was long .. in total it took us 7 days to get here , but even with travel expenses and some touring along the way, we managed to save over $1000 buy flying the deals and breaking up the flights .  Something I think we will be doing more often .   

We got in on Saturday morning and spent the rest of the day sleeping and un packing, and spending time with our people.  Sunday we took a couple of the weekend boys out to the bazaar and shopping then out for supper .  Today we left the farm at 6:00 am to drive Marat to work here in Bishkek then are spending a couple days in Bishkek. 

Lots of work continued while we were in the air.  More coal deliveries to a couple rehab centres and some families.  The work of bagging coal continues .   

We still had some prenatal vitamins being delivered as well. 

Up at the Kashar the final touches are being put on the patio expansion.  This will be a great spot for larger groups . 

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