Thursday, October 26, 2023

A few projects on the go.

As we are finishing up for the season at the Kashar, we had some help giving the wood benches and railings a fresh coat of varnish.

Down on the farm the boys are making progress on the garage that has been cleaned out and set up as a wood working shop. The centre area will be kept clear so that the cars can be kept inside for the winter .

Here is a bigger project that we are working on .  We have regular water outages in the village , sometimes for days at a time.   The cafe house is also the laundry centre and has shower facilities , as well this is the water source for the chickens and rabbits.  We also use this house as the centre for all our humanitarian aid . and our living space is always full of hocky bags and suit cases full of supplies.   

We have recieved a grant to add a small addition onto the house . It will have both a sorting / storage room as well as two large water reservoirs for back up water supplies. 

The water tanks will be almost a meter below grade so that the roof is under and does not block the view out the window.  The rest of the addition will have a shed roof and be finished on the outside the same as the house . 

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