Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Lots going on

Yesterday Julie and I were in Bishkek with some of our city team as well as Breakfast club.  

We have a huge need right now that we are working through. Most of you Know Kamala.   A couple months ago Kamalas nieces  family life fell apart and they ended up in an orphanage.  Kamala had been a stable factor in their lives for several years , so she has started working on getting custody of them.  They have now been with her for a few weeks.  If this is going to work, we will need to come up with some support for them, Kamala's grand mother and brother will help as much as they can financially,  but with food and school transportation etc. we need to find a sponsor for $200 a month to keep this family together and not split up and in orphanages. 

We brought the kids out to a restaurant .   for the little one, this was only her second time ever to eat out. She was so excited. 

Now with the other issue with the little one.  She is just 4 years old and it is time for her to go to Kindergarten. All the government schools are full, but  there are plenty of private ones that she could go to that are close buy but they are expensive. In an ideal world , we would find a sponsor for $200 a month for the next year.    

On the coal front , yesterday we delivered bulk coal to two locations , and our friends there will bag up and deliver to the families in need in their areas .. this days deliveries will provide coal for approx. 25 families .

Yesterday our boys were up at the Ranch to cement in the edges of the new patio .   It looks great. 


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