Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Tuition help needed

( This need has been met )  I have another tuition need for you here today .  This is Rema , she and her family are such blessings for us on the farm .  They do so much to help the farm run smooth, and in doing so teach the boys such great life skills .  Rema also oversees the cleaning and preparation of the guest house and Kashar.  Rema also teaches language and math to the boys on the farm.  Rema herself is in school as well.  She is working to get her degree in psychology.  She starts back to school today , and she needs our help.  Her tuition is $550 USD . this is a huge amount , especially for a family with kids .  We would love to be able to help her with this .    

As you know we are preparing to give out coal in the next few weeks.  

 This is the coal barn.  It should be full by now so that we can purchase the coal at the cheaper prices and so that we can get it bagged up and ready so that the boys are free to help us with the deliveries .   I was going to do a thermometer on the side of the blog to show how well we are doing , but hopefully I can just show you some photos of the barn as it fells up .. We did have a sponsor send in money for 2 families last week .. The cost of heating for a family will $80 on average , or one ton of coal.   This is just one more area that you can help make a real difference in the lives of those in need. 

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